You Can Learn a Thing or Two from Older (and Wiser) People

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January 2018 – Our Venetian Bay Town & Country Club Living –

Let’s all remember That You Can Learn a Thing or Two from Older (and Wiser) People

Do you remember spending time in your grandmother’s kitchen baking cookies and licking the batter or rolling out dough for her delicious potpie? She had the best recipes for feel-good food…recipes you may even keep with you today and share with your children and family.

Some of us had a grandpop who was best known for puttering around his garage. Maybe he showed you how to jump your car battery, change your oil, or fix your bicycle.

Whatever you remember of your grandparents or older people (mentors), who you were lucky enough to spend time with, they helped to shape your values, and your future. Older folks can offer a deep resource of life lessons, valuable tools and tricks of the trade born from their lifetime of experience.

We can all learn a thing or two from older people. Some lived through wars, many served their country proudly in them. They witnessed the first man on the moon, and the emergence of this crazy age of technology. They remember what it was like to listen to only the radio at night for entertainment, and the simple pleasures of skipping a stone across a beautiful lake, and the feeling of holding your sweetheart close while dancing and swaying to your favorite music.

It is very important for all of us to spend time with those who are now “seniors”, because we can share our thoughts and ideas, and fondly remember aging together. They can remind us of what is truly important in our lives, yes things that add true meaning to our lives.

Our wonderful Venetian Bay Community is conveniently located in New Smyrna Beach, one of Florida’s most esteemed vacation destinations. Many of us have family living in or near Venetian Bay, visiting friends or family there, or just taking a tour, is an exhilarating experience.

Bursting with small town charm and beachside appeal, New Smyrna Beach offers pristine beaches, an eclectic array of dining and shopping options, engaging cultural events and is convenient to St. Augustine, Kennedy Space Center, and Disney World and attractions.      

Venetian Bay, New Smyrna Beach’s Premier Community, offers townhomes, condominiums, golf villas, single family homes, estate homes, and luxurious rental apartments, as well as all of the amenities mentioned above. Think about it. It could really be your dream come true!

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